Corporate challenges


A location effectively to promote your product, from two to four wheels, giving your customers the opportunity to view it and test it personally.

A structure that would give you the opportunity to organize a real "village" dedicated to your company. It will be an opportunity to let you know and at the same time demonstrate the professionalism of the specialists who are part of it.

An Open Day is definitely a "calling card" to be used with care and efficiency, a communication tool, an element that can increase your porfolio customers and the revenue. A location for your needs, consistent with your corporate style.

Arranging meeting rooms will have the opportunity to interact your customers with you and with your product, so making them become leaders of that day, a valuable opportunity to expand the dialogue and conquer more and more confidence.

You can also organize technical sessions as well as seminars for operators and technical demonstration of your company, in order to increase the efficiency and continue to develop their business.

You can complement your day with a drink drink, a lunch, a dinner buffet or taking advantage of our bar and restaurant facilities.

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